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 Gear Pumps and Drive Units The Advanced Polymer Extrusion Technology

Increase of discharge capacity

• Reduction of total energy consumption

• Increased product quality

• Constant metering volume

• System solutions with filter and drive

• Integrated pressure- and speed-control

• Integrated heating system

• Reduction of total investment


Discharge Pumps / Pressure Increase Pumps

Pump type Capacity per discharge port (cc/rev.)

  • Discharge Pumps with double jacket heating 30 - 6,000
  • Pressure Increase Pumps with double jacket hgeatin 30 - 6,000
  • Pressure Increase Pumps with electric heating 0.3 - 6,000

Polymer: polyamide, polyester, polypropylene, polyacrylate, polyethylene, polyurethane,

cellulose and other elastomers

Viscosity up to 10,000 Pa.s

Operating temperature up to 350°C (700°F)

Discharge pressure up to 300 bar (4,500 psi)

Design inline or face mounted

Material N23 - highly chrome alloyed cast steel with added nickel and molybdenum

F24 - molybdenum, tungsten, vanadium and chrome alloyed high-speed steel

Special material on request

Drive type extended drive shaft

Drive according to customer’s specification