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Gear metering pump


Precyzyjna pompa zębata do dozowania

The operation of the gear pump is based on the principle of displacement. The rotating rotor drives the pinion.

The medium is sucked into the free spaces between the teeth of both gears. The arched element seals the gap between the gears and prevents liquid from returning to the suction side.

As a result of the decrease in the volume of the spaces between the seams, the medium is pumped out to the pressure side.

The flow is even and pulsation-free.

Gear pumps, thanks to their simple construction, offer the following advantages:

  • pumping in every direction
  • ease of maintenance during pump operation,
  • robust and uncomplicated construction, only two rotating parts and one shaft seal,
  • a large selection of configurations available in the standard version,
  • optimal pump design

Mahr gear pumps are used in every industry:

  • Automotive industry and sub-suppliers
  • Chemical industry: adhesives, resins, thinners, etc
  • Production of plastics, composites
  • Textile industry
  • Precision mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Medical industry
  • Aviation and space industry (e.g. Boeing, NASA)